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Ready to enter? Great!

Use the checklist below to ensure you have included all the required items for your KBDi Designer Awards 2016 entry:


Entry form (with full payment details) completed, signed and scanned


Each entry includes a PowerPoint presentation (download template here) with scanned plans/drawings and photos as per the criteria set out in this entry kit. Each entry consists of one PowerPoint presentation per project, with a maximum file size of 10MB.


The designer’s name is not visible within the PowerPoint submission, within the text or on any included images (eg drawing title blocks).


Each entry includes 2 additional photographic images suitable for publication, as per guidelines set out in this entry kit.


All files have been saved and named in accordance with the guidelines provided.


Entry requirements for the specific category (as set out in the entry kit) have been met.


Entries have been uploaded to the KBDi Dropbox as a PowerPoint file as per the guidelines (no hard copies of entries will be accepted).  Click here to go to the KBDi Designer Awards 2016 Dropbox.

Entries close 12 noon on Monday, 13 June, 2016.

When paying your entry fee, please note that payment by DIRECT DEPOSIT IS PREFERRED.

Direct Deposit
Account Name: KBDI
BSB: 124 011
Account No: 20453855

When completing your payment, please include ‘AWARDS YOUR SURNAME’ e.g. ‘AWARDS SMITH’ for tracking purposes.

Alternatively, you can use your CREDIT CARD Visa or Mastercard payments can be accepted — complete your details on the entry form or phone 1300 253 223.

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